Turn your spreadsheets into APIs

Sheetlabs allows you to create scalable APIs from your spreadsheets in just a few clicks.

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Key features

Excel, CSV and Google Sheets

Import data from a variety of sources. Automatically update from Google Sheets in realtime.

Create full REST APIs

You can create full read/write APIs supporting the RESTful principles.

Highly scalable

Need to handle sheets with millions of rows, and millions of API calls per month? No problem.

No development required

If you're short on developer resources but need to create an API, Sheetlabs can help.

Usage analytics

See who is using your APIs and how much.

Enterprise deployment options

Enterprises can host Sheetlabs locally and use their own domain.

Use cases

Out with the old, in with the new. The new is quicker, and it’s easier too.

Spreadsheet as a CMS

Use Google Sheets as a simple CMS for your app,
with Sheetlabs acting as the glue.

Empowering non-development teams

With Sheetlabs, you don't need to be
a developer to create APIs.

Connect Google Sheets to Braze

Customers commonly use Sheetlabs to
act as a bridge between Google Sheets and Braze.

Still have questions?

We love to hear about possible use cases for Sheetlabs. So if you have any questions or doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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